About Vegan Brussels

Brussels continues to lag behind other major European cities in terms of vegan dining establishments, entrepreneurs, products and services.
The rising trend of a growing audience that is becoming aware of how to eat in a way that is responsible for the environment, our health and animals is largely being ignored by those who could serve them.
Vegan Brussels is certain that restaurant owners have a big advantage in putting vegan options on the map: it is cheaper in food costs, healthier, more creative and it can bring a whole new group of customers to the restaurant.
The idea is to establish a link between young entrepreneurs in the vegan sectors, existing businesses, and consumers.
Since 2016, Vegan Brussels has organised several successful events: restaurant pop-ups, a vegan dining week, a Christmas menu and a very successful edition of our first Vegan Street Festival.
This year, the festival expands to Antwerp and repeats itself in Brussels. We hope to increase our reach and impact through events, workshops, partnerships, and consistent communication to our target audience.
We hope you'll be a part of it!

Gaëlle & Leonoor


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