With my friend Eva, we went discovering the funky art of fermenting this week. The workshop took place in Co-oking (Anderlecht) and was performed by food-saving Steven (Eatmosphere) and biology freak Maxime (Proef foodlab). Maxime explained us a lot of things about fermenting. I retained two things: bacteria are good for the belly & fermenting hasn’t to be exact. That’s good, because approximation is my specialty. I also remember other things of course, for instance : mold can happen, but is not a problem if it stays on top (it can be safely excised). So we learned how to make or own belgian version of Krautchi (mix between Kraut and Kimchi) with a lot of different vegetables Steven retrieved from the early market. Then we also tasted pre-fermented stuff. With strong and new tastes. Steven rightly refered to « umami ». So this was my first umami time. But now it’s time for me to try other  fermenting experiments. If you want to know more about it, try the next workshop.


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