Give Vegan App

We just created the best gift a vegan can get! Give Vegan is the first app that allows you to support local vegan shops!

Not sure what to buy for your vegan friend? Perfect, buy them a vegan gift card.

Your family doesn’t know what to buy you? Ask for a vegan gift card!

Once you receive a gift card, you can pay at any of the participating shops for any amount you like. Simply transfer them the money through the app and receive your (take away) lunch, products or online order. All shops are vegan and are part of our local community that believes in changing the world through ethical and sustainable initiatives. And we will continue to add stores as we grow!

Interested to find out more? Go to to check out our platform.

We hope you give (or receive!) the gift of supporting local vegan brands this Christmas.

Send it to all of your friends and relatives so they know what to get you at the next occasion.


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