We were honoured to veganize the latest event of our festival DJ's, brothers Nicolas and Jerome Ronsmans. They threw a great party at La Vallée with sounds by Fata Morgana Family, BeatuniQue and BAUM to launch the newest addition to their family: Mate Beer.

A beer that combines the knowledge of traditional plants with the ancestral brewing skills of hermits. This unique beer with antioxidant minerals contains 3.5g Yerba Maté per liter, and two delicious slices of bread. A great refreshment for the summer!

Our chefs Linda and André (Voodoo Vegan) combined this fresh brew with seitan to prepare some mighty vegan ribs, which were presented on a bun with grilled veg, fried onions, Wilmersburger vegan cheese and the tasty sauces of Callowfit! A young and upcoming brand that presents a healthy and vegan alternative to traditional sauces. Some of them a tad sweet for us, but still a great addition to any vegan BBQ.

Mate Family

Party's & Drinks

Club Mate, Fritz-Kola, Yoko-Matcha, Vigo Kombucha, Beer Mate.


Healthy, tasty and vegan sauces.

Flavor bombs: Tasty Toscana, Smoky BBQ, Island Style, Ceasar Style, Sweet Chili, Honey Mustard Style and Fancy Garlic.

Voodoo Vegan

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