The vegan guide to Madrid

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

As a part-time Madrileña since about 3 years, I’ve come to known this city inside out, including its vegan and vegan friendly eateries. While people seem to think the Spanish experience is incomplete without jamon iberico and huevos rotos, I beg to disagree. I love the standard plant-based tapas such as pimientos de pardon (spicy green peppers), tomate assado (tomato carpaccio) and patatas bravas. In Madrid however, you can discover so much more and vegan restaurants have been popping up all around town.

Here, a plant-based journey to the new ‘City of Love’.

For brunch: Bunny's Deli

Photo by Bunny's Deli

The cutest little place where you are greeted by a very excited puppy when walking in. Bunny's Deli offers you tasty, creative and pretty dishes and they clearly put a lot of love, time and effort in what they do. We are served with a smile e-v-e-r-y time.

For a healthy treat: Honest Greens

This is probably the most trendy place in Madrid right now. Not only does this eatery have a spectacular interior and a smart ordering system, they have plenty of plant-based options, sauces, sides and overall delicious green plates!

Photo by Honest Greens

For pizza: Pizzie & Dixie

The Malasaña neighbourhood is rapidly becoming a vegan's paradise. The lovely pizzeria Pizza & Dixie is a cosy, beautiful restaurant with delicious dishes and a cool downstairs bar with a sandy beach area. They have an excellent wine and dessert card as well. Also try the mushroom ceviche and the raw blueberry pie. Yumm!

For burgers: Viva burger!

This place went from vegetarian to vegan almost a year ago, without changing their menu drastically. The same generous proportions and tasty combinations. You will find something for anyone here! The atmosphere is chic, colourful and laid back. Bring your date here and go for drinks in La Latina afterwards.

Photo by Vivaburger

For tapas and traditional Spanish dishes: Llanten Veggie Bar

We absolutely love this place! The Argentinian chef gives a vegan twist to traditional Spanish dishes like chorizo with chimichurri sauce, rulo de cobra (vegan “goat cheese”) and pulpo (vegan “octopus”) and he hits it out the park every time. The food is delicious and the staff super friendly.

For small plates and artisanal beers: La Encomienda

You can choose between a sit-down meal or simply pick away at some tapas at the bar in this trendy, artisanal organic vegan restaurant with several raw options on the menu. We went here with a big group of non-vegan people (or pre-vegan, as I like to call them) and they all loved it!

For donuts: Delish Vegan Donuts

Man oh man, do we die from a sugar rush everytime we go here. These homemade donut bakers come up with the craziest flavours and combo's suprising you every time.

(We’re still missing out on a lot of great ones here: B13, VEGA, Yerbabuena, Zombie Bar, Viva Chapata - with the best vegan tortilla! -, Honest Greens and La Quietud Tiyoweh for daily lunch in a chill ambiance.)



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