Vegan Holidays

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

You may think of the Holidays as a vegan as that awful time where your not-so-close relatives question your life choices and you are forced to endure a miserable evening on cold side salads as the only vegan options. Hopefully, this post will cheer you up a bit and have you enjoy these dreadful days more than you used to.

Events in Belgium:

Dec 9 - Le Noël des Animaux au Rêve d'Aby

Get your gifts, decoration and animal hugs at this beautiful animal sanctuary in Namur. Why not adopt a saved animal for your vegan cousin or grumpy uncle?

Dec 9 - Vegan Christmas Market Antwerp

Antwerp's FIRST vegan Christmas in... an old meatpacker warehouse! Now, Meatpack is an artistic location and perfect to get inspired about vegan lifestyle.

Dec 12 & 15 - Veganizer vos fêtes - workshop at Le Flexitarien

We are collaborating with Le Flexitarien to bring you a vegan workshop with two different menus for Christmas eve, to learn and to enjoy! A package with ingredients to prepare the menus at home will be available for order as well as varies catering options.

December - Rouge Markt.

As far as we know there's only one vegan stand on the traditional Christmas Market (La Papille Verte!), so we highly recommend you to check out this alternative market next to the newly opened Pompidou-Knal.

Order-in Vegan menu:

In case (like us) you don't feel like slaving away in the kitchen or need to bring something for your family gathering that shows of veganism in the best way.

Tofurkey - Voodoo Vegan

This marvellously seasoned 'tofurkey' is stuffed with a ground up of vegan sausage, chestnuts and levain Bread + Christmas spices and a touch of Cognac! Order yours before December 10th: it makes the perfect centrepiece of your Christmas dinner.

Vegan bûche - La Grainerie

These good-looking fellas are prepared by the kind and amazingly good chefs at La Grainerie. Keep an eye on their page for when orders go online. Warning: these might be too good to share with your family.

Fêter at home - Humus x Hortense

An entire tasting menu from amuse-bouches to mignardises by topchef Nicolas Decloedt for € 56/pp.

(More to be announced)

Gifts (for you to give or for your wishlist!)


- The one and only Gaz Oakley Vegan 100 or Christmas Edition

- Bosh!

- Easy Vegan

- But I could never go vegan!

Cruelty Free Make-up by Rachelle or Lumabelle.

A with-vegan-message-imprinted-t-shirt.

A donation to an animal right group or an animal sanctuary.

Check out to easily shop online.


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