Vegan Valentine menus

Updated: Feb 4

It's that time of the year again... Whether you love it or hate it, it's a good excuse to treat yourself to an amazing dining experience & support these local business putting their best food forward.*

Here are some romantic Valentine menu's for you & your loved ones to enjoy 🖤

Humus & Hortense

5 courses tasting menu with black winter truffles (€ 150 / 2p)

Aspic of cauliflower and romanesco cabbage

Millefeuille of yellow beets and rose petals

Celeriac with French black truffles

Savoy cabbage roasted in the oven, panisse of grilled polenta and oyster mushrooms

Mascarpone, chicory and chestnut and 3 mignardises

February 12, 13 and 14

(Mention you want to veganize the menu.)

Vegan Butcher

3 courses menu (€35 / 1p, €60 / 2p)

Arancini: special Valentine’s edition: beet risotto with a cream cheez filling (3/person)

Soup of celery rave, homemade parsley infused oil and roasted turkey ham

White lasagnes with vegan bacon, béchamel, cream of Jerusalem artichokes and vegan cheez + salad
Stuffed roast with chestnuts + salad

Chocolate and raspberry cake.

Optional: Chocolate box

February 11, 12 and 13

Available for delivery 10th of February

Itineraire Bis Gourmand

3 courses menu (€90 / 2 p)

Ceviche de pleurotes, pickles d'oignons rouges passion, aromates

Croquettes méditerranéennes "dip purple" aux câpres et fines herbes, taboulé rose oriental

Pastilla de lentilles aux dattes, épices douces, parfum de fleur d'oranger

Tajine de légumes de saison, citron confit olives et safran

Riz pilax aux amandes

Roll cake chocolat noir, confit poire et gingembre

Judgy Vegan

3 courses menu (€30 / 1p, 60 / 2p)

Croquettes de fromage végétal ou Brochettes de tofu mariné (piquant)

Seitan pané en sauce tomate mijotée avec mozzarella végétale accompagné de légumes grillés à l'ail et de riz brun OU option sans gluten : Steak de pois chiche à la place du seitan


Sacher - gâteau chocolat enrobé de confiture d'abricots et de chocolat OU

"Cheesecake" citron avec coulis framboise OU

Riz au lait de coco avec coulis de myrtilles (pas de gluten en ingrédients) OU

Crème amaretti maison (contient de l'amaretto-pas de gluten en ingrédients)

Special Treat Box 16€ Sacher "Cheesecake" citron avec coulis framboise Riz au lait de coco avec coulis de myrtilles Crème amaretti 2 Pralines choco framboise et pistache

February 12, 13 and 14

Other take-away options available all week. These businesses really need your support.

Do yourself & them a favour and order some delicious treats to brighten up your day.


Govinda Lunch Delivery - Daily lunch box

Vegan Butcher - Weekly menu and other products

Liu Lin - Weekly menu

Be Nuts - Healthy sweets

Chez Malachy - Cakes & treats

Judgy Vegan - Weekly menu

Greenhouse - Open January 31st

Veganoo - Uber eats & Deliveroo

Vegan board - Brunch & boards

L'alchimiste - Coffee & food

Pois Chiche - Middle eastern

Horia Eatery - Oriental

Pick up & take-away

Les 4 Jeudis - Every Monday & Friday

Casa Vegana - Every Tuesday & Friday

Lucifer Lives Coffee - Coffee, sandwiches & cakes

Oscar - Vegan shop

Vegasme - Vegan shop

Succulente - Vegan Bakery

Botaniste - Schuman

Humus Hortense - Save the Harvest menu (€38 euro) !

Recyclart - Every Friday & Saturday !

Buddy Buddy - Open 7 days a week !