Happy Vegan XMAS

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

XMAS is quickly approaching and although this year might be a bit different, we all know it's the best time to indulge in plant-based delicacies & share a special moment with your loved ones!

Full menu

No hustle, no stress. Order one of these full-service menus to feel like you have a professional chef in your kitchen taking care of you.

Humus x Hortense - Festive December Menu (62 euros pp) available all month.

Liu Lin - Xmas Menu (55 euros pp) order before 16/12.

Vegasme - Xmas Menu (Menu 1: 25 euros pp / Menu 2: 30 euros pp + dessert)

Vegan Butcher - Christmas Menu (pick and choose) SOLD OUT: Available for NYE.

IB Gourmand - Menu Noël Gastro (45 euros pp)

NEW Judgy Vegan - Repas de Noël (35 euros pp)

NEW Casa Vegana - Menu de Noël Italien (30 euros + 5 euros livraison)

Individual Courses

Just want to complete your own cooking skills? Or looking for a specific dish to bring to your xmas gathering? These businesses got you covered!

Solid Stash - Freezer-friendly Appetizers (25 euros/20pc) - order before 4/12!

Loony Greens - Heart-warming Soups made for recovered veg. (26 euros/4 soups).

Voodoo Vegan - Three kinds of Christmas-spiced roasts (43 euros, 24 for half / 20 euros).


Sweet tooths rejoice!

Succulente - Christmas ice cake (22 for 4 / 33 for 6).

Les Glaces d'Alice - Christmas ice cake for a good cause. (25 for 4 / 36 for 6).

Be Nuts - Sweet & healthy pastry.

Tasty Gift Ideas

Great to treat yourself or send to a loved one & cheers over a virtual apero!

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