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Veganize Dansaert

Welcome to Veganize Dansaert, an exciting initiative by Vegan Brussels, powered by Hub.Brussels and Downtown Dansaert, the shop association of the vibrant Dansaert neighborhood in Brussels. We're on a mission to make Dansaert a hotspot for vegan-friendly cuisine, one restaurant at a time.


What is Veganize Dansaert?

Veganize Dansaert is a local outreach campaign focusing on the Dansaert area of Brussels.


During the 2020 'Dansaert Dreams' project, several inhabitants and visitors of the neighborhood indicated the desire for more vegan options in their local restaurants.

Our goal? Encourage and assist restaurants to add more vegan options to their menus, and promote the fantastic restaurants that are already doing so.

Why Vegan?

The Dansaert area is a hub of culinary innovation, artistic flair, and community spirit.

We believe it's the perfect locale to lead the way in showcasing the benefits of plant-based cuisine. By adding more vegan options, restaurants can cater to a growing customer base, contribute to a healthier planet, and ignite their culinary creativity.

How Does It Work?

With the support of our team and network of experienced vegan chefs, we offer consultation and training to local restaurants, helping them to create appealing and delicious vegan options. We then promote these establishments to our engaged community of vegans and food lovers across Brussels and beyond.

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