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Making Waves: Mer du Nord goes veggie!

On the place Sainte-Catherine, you'll find the bustling terrace of the Mer du Nord, a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. Amidst the sea of traditional marine flavours, you can now find a new culinary hero rising from the depths - the vegan seaweed croquette by Nomet!

Yes, you heard right. Mer du Nord's famous fish counters have taken a step into the plant kingdom, offering a vegan dish that's every bit as irresistible as their classic seafood staples. The vegan seaweed croquettes are an oceanic dream come true for those of us who love their marine vibe but prefer to keep things plant-based.

Upon first bite, it's clear that this is no ordinary croquette. The seaweed lends a uniquely rich, umami flavour that's beautifully balanced by the crisp, golden exterior of the croquette. It's a textural and flavourful symphony made by

DISCLAIMER: The croquettes are currently not served with vegan tartare sauce, but that is about to change. Secondly, the croquettes are fried in the same oil as their non-vegan counterparts. A work in process. We'll keep you updated.

So, if you're strolling through the city centre, be sure to drop by Mer du Nord for a taste of the sea reimagined. Your taste buds will thank you - and so will the planet!

You can find them on the corner of Place Sainte Catherine.

Do you have a place in Brussels you'd like to share with us? Let us know in the comments! We're always looking for new vegan-friendly establishments to spotlight.

This blog post is part of our ongoing series, highlighting and promoting vegan-friendly restaurants in Brussels. Stay tuned for more vegan adventures in Brussels, and remember, every meal is an opportunity to make a difference.


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