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Entropy: An Immersive, Sustainable Gastronomic Adventure in Brussels

Recently, we were fortunate to dine at Entropy, a vibrant addition to Brussels' gastronomic scene, nestled near the bustling Les Halles Saint Géry. Entropy isn't your average restaurant serving a standard menu; it's a platform for a distinctive and immersive culinary journey, meticulously designed from inception to completion. The restaurant caters to a diverse palate, pairing each meticulously crafted course with an apt wine or non-alcoholic beverage, depending on your preference.

Sint-Goriksplein 22, 1000 Brussel

Discovery 6 courses menu 105 € pp.

Wine pairing complete 75€ or 60€ (non-alcoholic version), partly 50€ or 40€ (non-alcoholic version).

While the standard menu is primarily vegan-friendly, it's important to articulate your dietary preferences when making a reservation, as some dishes may contain dairy products.

Entropy's menu is a testament to the seasonal bounty and the innovative spirit of chef Elliot Van de Velde, who thrives on culinary exploration. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised and enlightened by his comprehensive explanations about the origin of ingredients and their sustainable sourcing. The July 2023 menu we sampled was an ode to vegetables, each dish showcasing a particular produce in a unique light. Highlights included a refreshing zucchini tartare mingled with a variety of fresh and preserved fruits such as cherries and apricots, accompanied by a lacto-fermented tomato dressing and salted, smoked almonds. We savored a creative interpretation of carrot served five ways and embarked on a 'walk through the forest,' a culinary adventure featuring assorted mushrooms, forest fruits, and a distinctive mushroom broth harmonized with saké or smoked tea. The gastronomic journey concluded on a high note with a garden-fresh pea salad spruced up with herbs from their courtyard garden and an unexpected oatmeal dessert topped with a distinctive coffee & cauliflower ice cream.

A noteworthy aspect of Entropy's operation is its founding non-profit organization's commitment to combating food waste, Heart Project.

Entropy is more than just a restaurant; it's a celebration of sustainable gastronomy that promises an unforgettable culinary adventure.


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