Strofilia is a Greek restaurant located at the Marché aux Porcs for 20 years. The interior is composed of two distinct atmospheres: one rather contemporary, white and elegant furniture, and the other rather rustic, wine cellar, but just as elegant. One of the restaurant's great assets, apart from its cuisine, is its hospitality and service: the staff is there to guide you with their advice: which dishes, how much, which wine... You almost don't need to open the menu. Since a few months, the restaurant has added some 100% vegan recipes. Here are some of them: yellow split pea purée, caramelised onions; baked potatoes with thyme and lemon; mushroom trilogy with aromatic herbs; seasonal vegetable plate. This is for official dishes, but on my last visit, they even adapted some dishes such as eggplant with tomatoes or a beautiful vegetable salad. All the preparations are delicious, fine and perfectly seasoned. A Greek pearl in the city centre!