Watch out, I think I just found the ideal summer restaurant: Knees to chin. There was already one in Bailly, but now you can also find an even beautiful one in rue de Flandre. You first order at the entrance, and then choose a place to sit. There are two vegetable rolls, but I think the menu changes sometimes. So I took a tofu roll and an asparagus roll, both were great. I also ordered a bowl of rice with peanut sauce – terrific – but then I discovered they use currypaste for the sauce, and currypaste means shrimps, meaning also not good… And this unfortunately leaves only two vegan sauces which go with your meal: soy + sesame & sweet and sour. But it still stays great. The dim sums (originally a trio with meat, but you can ask to have the three with vegetables) are nice. The bun a little bit less, but funny to eat. There is also miso soup, wakame salad, edamame… To me, the cherry on the cake was the great choice of drinks, including my favorite soda : Fritz-spritz rhubarb.