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Pois Chiche: A Mediterranean Haven in the Heart of Marolles

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Marolles now hosts a fantastic vegan-friendly gem, Pois Chiche, the brainchild of two local 'ketjes.' It's a venture that masterfully weaves modern innovation with traditional ethos.

The food scene at Pois Chiche is one of classic Middle Eastern dishes with a modern twist. The entire menu is vegetarian, though Yezen, one of the founders, prefers to let the vibrant, flavorsome food do the talking. Prepared with locally-sourced and organic ingredients, their offerings are a testament to how fresh and versatile vegetarian cuisine can be.

As you step inside Pois Chiche, you're welcomed into a warm & cozy space that's been thoughtfully refurbished and decorated by the owners. You'll instantly feel the warmth and comfort of home. The ambiance, coupled with the generous portions, will leave you satiated and content. We both had two loaded dishes with all of their best products and couldn't resist ordering an extra helping of their delicious, smokey Muhammara, which that week was made with yellow peppers instead of the usual red - a delightful change and one that shows their dedication to using local, seasonal produce. We found ourselves with a surplus of food, which they happily packed for us in our own Tupperware.

Pois Chiche is an establishment that cares, not just about your dining experience but also about the environment. They've swapped plastic bottles for tap water, both still and sparkling, letting you enhance it with a syrup of your choice. Gaëlle mixed her own lemonade with a rose and pomegranate syrup, while Leonoor opted for a glass of red wine.

Pois Chiche shines as an establishment that beautifully aligns great taste with mindful values. A visit here is an immersive experience, where you savor not just the wonderful food but also the essence of responsible dining.

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