Pois Chiche

Updated: Dec 5, 2020


The Marolles is a vegan-friendly eating place richer! Founded by two young 'ketjes' and yet anchored in traditional roots: both culinary and in terms of design and concept, they give a modern twist to ancient values: classic middle-eastern dishes are reinvented, prepared with local and organic ingredients, fully vegetarian (although Yezen prefers not to mention that: the food speaks for itself!) in a beautiful calm environment that they themselves reformed and decorated... You'll feel right at home. The food is delicious, fresh, versatile and the portions are generous. We both had a full plate and ordered an extra Muhammara (that week with yellow instead of red paprika, depending on the market). When that turned out to be too much, we took it with us in our own tupperware. An act which they applauded: by offering flat and sparkling water at the tap, they too avoid plastic bottles. You can add the syrup of your choice: Gaëlle made her own lemonade with rose/pomegranate and Leonoor... took a glass of red wine. Pois Chiche is a warm place that promotes the right values without having to enjoy any less.